Integration challenges?

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 06/11/2019 20:08


The idea with this web-meeting is to discuss integration.

Join the discussion, to build a network and learn from collegues in the network. 

Let's together try to identify if and where we need additional support, tools or education from SAP.


There are tools created by SAP to help customers and consultants in the integration process. A few examples are found below. If you click the link to the webinar you will find a few more.

As example; The integration Content Advisor for SAP Cloud Platform Integrations. There is a webinar from May 2019 where the advisor tool is presented by Marco Ertel, Product Management for SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. Recording is found here

In this webinarMarco presents the API Business HUB, Direct link is found here:


Read more and register here

Eva-Maria FahrerThe idea with this web-meeting is to find out what we need SAP to support us with. Would you like to ask about this webinar or do you have ideas? Call me or send me an e-mail em(at) or call +47 922 52 539.


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