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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 31/03/2022 08:15

Webinars which should be of interest if you are working with security in an IT landscape.  You will later see more. Stein Ove Røv at Skagerak energi is supporting us with QA.



SBN Webinar: Vurderinger og mulige fallgruver ved drift av SAP i skyen (link)
Are you in a process of assessing how your systems will be operated in the future and if "Cloud" is an important part of this assessment, then you will find this discussion which is held in Norwegian to be intersting. 
6/05 | Start: 09:00


SBN Webinar: 360° on Business-Critical System Security (link)
Onapis will share security strategy insights and recommendations for SAP business-critical applications. 
22/04 | Start: 10:30



SBN Webinar: Protecting SAP Landscapes from Cyber Attacks (link)
Fortinet experts present an SAP Reference Architecture that meets cyber-security objectives and how Fortinet Solutions for SAP prevent from threats.
20/05 | Start: 09:00



SBN Webinar: SAP ALM (Solution Manager) Roadshow Day (link)
SAP Cloud ALM; SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager (incl. Focused Build and Insights). News and information from Benjamin Schneider, Product Mng SAP
22/06 | Start: 09:00



To find all events on IT, future and past:
GoTo: Events/Arrangement and select IT to get all  IT events, as you see on this link. Select Past and Yes and you find all events with recordings.

Link to earlier article on the security topic.

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