Invitation to SBN Annual Meeting for 2019

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 18/02/2020 07:40

The SBN Annual Meeting will be held March 20, 10: 30-11: 30 and is open for all our members.

One person per paying member company can vote and only people representing customer companies are allowed to vote. The meeting is held as a webinar where our members call to makes it possible for members who do not have the opportunity to be present in the center of Oslo to participate. Free newsletter subsciption and information members can not attend nor vote.
Sign up for the meeting on this link

See Agenda for the Annual Meeting has been distributed per e-mail to our members with "right to vote" the 17th February. This is more than the stipulated 4 weeks before
annual meeting. This invitation is published in english on web the 18th February and distributed to all our members in the newsletter the 21th February.

The following agenda items will be included at the annual meeting:
1. Clearification of who the attending members are with the right to vote
2. Election of meeting chairperson
3. Selection of two people to sign the minutes from the meeting.
4. Approval of notice.
5. Presentation and approval of the annual report for 2019
6. Presentation of the auditor's report
7. Presentation and approval of the association's accounts
8. Determination of next year's membership fee to the association
9. Election of Core Leadership Team Members (2020-2021)
10. Election of auditors (2020)
11. Election of election committee (2020)
12. Processing of proposals received before 5th March.

Members can raise cases for the annual meeting but these must be confirmed recieved 14
days ahead of the annual meeting (5th March 2020).
Bente Boger, Eva-Maria Fahrer, Kolbjørn HavnesFor Questions please contact:
Eva-Maria Fahrer, CEO (in the middle)
Norway +47 922 52 539 or Bente Boger, Forsvaret. Vice President SBN +47 474 63 141, Kolbjørn Havnes, Hydro President SBN +47 908 25 435


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