Join the presentation "Do you know what’s happening in your SAP-system?”

Posted by Joakim Löves on 14/10/2020 14:20

The SAP customer Gerald West, Head of Application Security & Controls Assurance, Serco Group will share how Serco has got control on October 20. 13:15-13:50. Join the presentation to listen to Gerald West, who will explain how Serco has addressed the security challenges using Security Weaver’s Access and Process controls’ solutions.

About Serco:
Serco founded in 1929 is the leading provider in the Public Sector.

Serco is specialised in the delivery of essential public services, with over 50,000 people working in defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare and other citizen services across our four regions: UK & Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Middle East

Gerald West, Head of Application Security and Controls at Serco, says “Security Weaver’s embedded architecture leverages the SAP environment and functionality and provides risk and controls insight at source, without the overhead and risks around data

extraction and integration. Serco has Reduced Risk and Creates Value with a Quick £250,000 Win  using Security Weaver’s solutions.

Garry Fingland, Chief Information Officer at Serco, says: “Serco’s growth reflects the high quality of the services we offer. To support those services, we recognize how innovative IT helps create value for our customers and how access and process controls protect this value in a rapidly changing environment. Consequently, we require a strong controls platform that is flexible enough to keep pace with our growth and can continue to support it.”

About Security Weaver:
Security Weaver’s Access and Process controls’ solutions
  strengthen controls and protect the value of the SAP environment for the business by implementing a flexible, scalable, and business-oriented controls platform.

Strategy: Implemented the Security Weaver suite, including Separations Enforcer, Secure Enterprise, Role Deriver, Process Auditor, Emergency Repair, Secure Provisioning, Transaction Archive, and License Management.

Outcome: created a custom process control that identified duplicate invoices and resulted in initial savings of approximately £250,000 over four months; slashed role-building effort by over 90% (e.g., four hours to 20 minutes); and established a controls platform that reduces risk and adds value.

For an article, documenting the Serco customer case, send email to:

Join the Serco’s presentation at SBN 2020, October 20th at 13.15 PM.  

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