KPS Expert Talk with Mirka on June 9th

Posted by Joakim Löves on 18/05/2022 12:14


Customer Experience in the Manufacturing Industry
Digitisation Pioneer Mirka developing new digital sales and self-service touchpoints

In B2B or B2C the demands on CX are likely the same, but can industries learn from each other - and if so, how far? One point is clear: an excellent customer journey is what purchasers from the manufacturing industry want professionally, as they are used to an outstanding shopping experience on online shopping platforms from their private buying experiences. How can such an experience be implemented in the manufacturing industry and what are the main challenges?  Mirka - the largest manufacturer of flexible abrasives in Scandinavia and one of the largest abrasives manufacturers in the world, is a digitalisation pioneer in the manufacturing industry, who invests heavily in creating outstanding digital customer experience. The gaps, challenges, and successes, both big and small, that the Mirka brand is embracing with strategic vision to position itself with a seamless CX in the manufacturing industry are what we discuss today.

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