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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 13/02/2024 13:10

Andreas WelshA session on how SAP Business AI empowers organizations to harness the power of AI-driven advancements enhancing SAP processes, streamline workflows, is found above with Andreas Welsch, Vice President & Head of Marketing & Solution Management - Artificial Intelligence, SAP



Arne StichLearn about the AI Vision and Strategy for the SAP Business Technology Platform. You will get an overview of how SAP will infuse AI into the Business Technology Platform. This is presented by Arne Stich, Customer Officer SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP SE



Link to Explore available and upcoming generative AI solutions from SAP  (scroll down a little to get to the examples)


Eva-Maria FabhrerSelected for you by EM Fahrer - See below list of events which hold Business AI and can be of interest for you. 


SBN Webinar: SAP EPD for Visual Asset Management

2024-02-16 10:30

Webinar by SBN & SAP

Manage increasing asset complexity by leveraging 3D models connected to the business data. SAP EPD Visual Asset Management empowers users to contextualize asset performance visually and optimize maintenance planning and execution.

SBN Webinar: AI (incl. GenAI) in SAP PLM

2024-03-15 10:30

Webinar by SBN & SAP

By introducing GenAI into PLM processes, it will provide capabilities that extend beyond product data management to predictive insights, intelligent automation, and enhanced decision-making processes. SAP PLM will leverage SAP Joule as the copilot. It will offer conversational interactions and enable navigational, transactional and informational scenarios across the end-to-end processes provided by SAP PLM.

SBN SAP S/4HANA Value Creation Day @Pearl

2024-04-23 09:00

F2F in Oslo & Remote

This event will be all about how you can create value with your SAP S/4HANA by consuming innovations and new capabilities

SBN Sustainability Day - Retail, Supply Chain & Finance @Pearl

2024-05-07 09:00

F2F in Oslo & Remote

A day with focus on the processes for enabling Sustainability and the technology for data collection and ESG and GHG reporting for Sustainability. Focus on SAP solutions but also alternative tools.

SBN Finance Function Day

2024-05-21 09:00

F2F in Oslo & Remote

This is the day and venue for all finance people working in the finance organization, in the global business services or for those, who just have something to do with finance in your own organization, who would and could benefit from learning more about SAP ERP, SAP S/4Hana Finance and Analytics.

SBN Supply Chain Day @SAP

2024-05-22 10:00

F2F in Oslo & Remote

The day will cover topics like overview of SAP Supply Chain, including planning (IBP with AI). 
A customer will share expereince on the use of IBP
During the day we will ge an overview of Manufacture/Production and  Sustainability will be a “red thread” through the day.

SBN Webinar: Why is SAP recommending the cloud?

2024-02-09 09:00

Webinar by SBN & SAP

Why is SAP recommending cloud? What is the Time-line? This is an interactive session. Explaining the facts. Answering your Questions ....

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