Highlights in the SBN Conference presented by Bernt, Didrik, EM and Martin

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 30/09/2020 11:24

Eva-Maria FahrerKey-note track presented by Eva-Maria Fahrer. The Green Shift is in focus at the upcomming SBN Conference. The Keynotes will all touch in on solutions and ways to think for a Sustainable future.



Martin BrownswordInnovation and Technology presented by Martin Brownsword



Didrik ArstadFinance and Analytics preseted by Didrik Arstad



Bernt BakkenHuman Experience Management presented by Bernt Bakken



Bernt BakkenLogistics, presented by Bernt Bakken



Martin BrownswordCustomer Experience and Retail presented by Martin Brownsword


Have you listened to all our recordings? If so, I can reveal that in addition fun things will happen during the conference ...🎉     Published by EM Fahrer.

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