Managing director of SAP China, talks about preparing for recovery.

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 15/04/2020 11:35

In China, where the epidemic began in December, life appears to be returning to a degree of normalcy, albeit slowly. 

Sam Li, managing director of SAP China, talks about how the company is currently dealing with the fallout from COVID-19 in Mainland China and how it is preparing itself for economic recovery.

Q: How are you doing? And how is the spirit among SAP China employees at the moment?

A: I believe the most difficult time for China has now passed. Our employees are in good shape, and although there are still many restrictions on business travel, which limits face-to-face contact with each other and with customers, we are managing to work productively together. For this reason, my confidence grows daily that we will master this crisis.



Q: What messages do you have for the other companies facing the same situation you did in January and February?
Employee health and safety should always be the top priority, whether at home, at the office or travelling. Since the impact of COVID-19 will continue on for a while, we need to ensure employee mental health and well-being while helping them to maintain stability and normalcy in their lives.

A: I believe we will win. The past two months were a very difficult for us, but today things are getting better and better in China. The rest of the world should know that things will also get better for them too.

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