More Information on the Move to S/4 HANA

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 22/01/2020 20:16

Some More Information on the Move to S/4 HANA

There is an abundance of articles these days relating to S/4 HANA, but not many of them have anything new to say. Here are two articles that give us some insight into:

  • Where current SAP customers stand
  • Approaches being considered by customers who don’t want a full S/4 project
  • SAP’s position on customers who don’t plan to move by 2025
  • Some vendors who are readying themselves to provide alternative system solutions
  • Why the journey may not be as onerous as you imagine

1) This article refers to a survey conducted by the North American SAP User Group (ASUG) in which the following key data was collected:

2) Interesting is also this second article (on link) from


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