Need to develop an SAP Integration Strategy?

Posted by Martin Brownsword on 06/05/2021 13:45

If you are one of the many companies who are looking at SAP’s Business Technology Platform – Integration Suite and trying to decide the best way to move forward with SAP integration we have a webinar on 28 May that could help you. We all know that SAP are very good at developing new tools and technology that can provide great benefits for their customers – they are not always so good in helping customers to transition from where they are today to where they want to be.

Fortunately, a number of our partners are developing skills in these new SAP technologies and tools and how to transition from the previous SAP integration standards such as PI/PO or middleware from other third party vendors, to the newest SAP integration technology. S5 are one of these SBN partners and they have set up a webinar where they will try to help our members on their SAP integration journey. The webinar will also include references to real life projects and a demo of SAP’s Integration Suite. To register for this free webinar please use the following link:

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