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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 08/02/2022 16:01

Stein Ove RøvStein Ove Røv has for the last 20 years worked in IT managment roles. In the period 2012-2016 he had the role as Chairman of SBN. During this period he was also our SBN and Norwegian representative in the Core Leaderhip Team of the SAP User-Group Executive Network (SUGEN). (The global network for SAPs User Groups. )

In his current role at Skagerak Energi as Department Manager DigIT Platform Services, he is among many other demanding areas also responsible for IT and Information Security which is the area he will focus on in SBN.


I’m very happy to welcome Stein Ove Røv as Head of the Technology team. Stein Ove has long experience and a genuin interest in Information Security. The SBN role is a sparetime assinment but he has promised to support us to ensure the quality level for our members in this topic area and lead the team and topic through the SBN Conference days 19-20 October. We know him as a trustworthy and respected player and we look forward to his support to ensure a good quality in the most technical areas like IT and information security.

Stein Ove represents for us a new kind of “SAP head” colleague. He combines the SBN assignment with his current role at Skagerak Energi as Department Manager. This is demanding position and we are very happy Stein Ove has accepted to spend time to quality assure and guide us to success in the technological team areas in SBN. 

I believe he will bring us new influences and we very much look forward to work with our new colleague.

Eva-Maria Fahrer

Eva-Maria Fahrer
SBN - Adfahrer


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