New VAT Return for Norway from 2022

Posted by Didrik Arstad on 10/01/2022 13:54

New VAT Return for Norway from January 2022

When you do business in Norway and are VAT registered, you need to report VAT on periodic basis to the Norwegian Tax Administration (TA). They launch a new tax return for VAT on 1st of January 2022. This means that you must submit tax return for VAT for periods starting on and after 1st of January 2022 in the new format. For reporting periods before this date, inclusive corrections, VAT Returns must be reported in the old format.

As of January 2022, only the following old VAT forms have been replaced with the new format: RF-0002 (ordinary VAT return) and RF-0004 (primary sector). The other forms like RF-0005, RF-0009 and VOEC are planned by Tax Administration to be replaced with the new format later. This might be a requirement later in 2022, but no technical requirements or dates are given yet.

Read the full blog post by Ingjerd Aamodt on SAP's website. 

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