Non-financial performance indicators

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 17/01/2021 09:06

SAP has developed and uses its own methodology for putting a value on non-financial performance indicators.

The approach highlights how key environmental and social indicators connect to corporate objectives and metrics. An interactive infographic offers a range of this information. For example, clicking on Carbon Emissions will show that lowering SAP’s carbon emissions can have a positive impact on employee engagement because loyalty should rise as employees see their company act responsibly.

Promoting Sustainability Measures as a Way to Boost Financial Performance

Documenting the financial impact of non-financial indicators has helped SAP move closer to achieving our sustainability goals. We have the numbers to back up the business case for social or environmental change. 😄

Judith MagyarRead the full article here, published by Judith Magyar, Senior Director, Multimedia Content Team, Global Corporate Affairs at SAP

The article is based on an interview with Christopher Sessar, head of Corporate Financial Reporting and chief accountant at SAP.




Embedding social impact into the heart of business

Adaire Fox-MartinRead article by Adaire Fox-Martin, Executive Board Member of SAP SE, Customer Success. Published Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

By partnering with social enterprises, businesses can accelerate growth and ensure their operations include a positive humanitarian and environmental impact, link here





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The above presented mind-set will be embedded in most or our activities the upcomming year, like the Supply Chain Management and Analytics Day. 

Register today for the 19th February. A Day focusing on how to most efficient and fastest benefit from the SAP tools for Sustainability, see link or below. SBN is also starting a team and by joining this day you will get the related information. IYou can also register to the Sustainability team in the community. Push "join" to be on the distribution list and get invitations.




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