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Posted by Joakim Löves on 01/04/2020 13:46

A message from Larissa Brinkmann on behalf of SAP Knowledge Transfer for User Groups team.

We at SAP would like to share with you a list of our major learning platforms. Of course, our K4U platform remains the solid point of entry for all strategic SAP topics.

Please check below an overview of learning platforms that are not solution focused:

  1. openSAP is a Massiv Open Online Course (MOOC) platform, on large variety of SAP topics. Well-structured and shaped for different target groups or areas of interest learnings are free of charge and available on-demand.  
  2. SAP Help Portal, is the single point of knowledge around SAP solution portfolio. This platform offers an easy to consume Learnings Journeys on the main SAP topics like SAP S/4HANA, S/4HANA Cloud, Customer Experience, Intelligent Enterprise and Cloud Platform as well as deep dives on various SAP products.
  3. SAP Enterprise Support Academy is a great information source on support topics and know-how around SAP solutions. To access the content S-User is required.
  4. SAP Learning Hub (training.sap.com) provides 24/7 access to online learning content, interactive SAP Learning Rooms, and live SAP training systems (optional) in a public or private cloud environment. Individuals, businesses, and universities can choose from thousands of training titles. These courses are offered in many languages and available on the subscription-fee base.
  5. SAP PartnerEdge is Single Source of Information for partners of SAP’s Ecosystem. Shaped around solution or industry this resource offers a variety of comprehensive learning assets. Additional resources on how to build up a SAP partner business are included with the focus on partner business growth. Trainings and events for partners are also listed on the platform. To access registration and partner credentials are required.

If you are looking for an event (be it virtual or physical) the SAP Events Finder and it’s calendar and filter functions can help you find the right event at the right time, in the right location.

Also, as desired by many of you, below is an overview of learning offerings on selected SAP topics. The list of topics will be updated as new topics emerge.

Let us know which topics we should include to the list.  

Solution specific offerings:

SAP Cloud Platform

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We will do our best to keep you well informed!
Stay healthy and well,

Larissa BrinkmannLarissa Brinkmann on behalf of SAP Knowledge Transfer for User Groups team.

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