Pictures from a day with focus on SAP Analytics Cloud

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 19/06/2019 09:23

Didrik Arstad SBN- Adfahrer

Didrik Arstad, Head of SIG Finance, SBN - Welcome and introduction of the Day and the Program

Petter Huseby, Arman Muzaffar

Petter Huseby og Arman Muzaffar, EY Skye - they shared their experience on "How to get started with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?" They invited to questions and the presentation was follwed by a discussion.

Sveinar Urstad, Øyvind Reinsberg, Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson and Martin Brownsword

The Equinor team

Svein Kolden, Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson, Martin Brownsword and  a colleague replacing Holger Lämmel

Joakim Löves, smiling as technology is set up ... (we got into the room late and there was stress)

Our SBN Friends attending and interested in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Irene R Røssland discussing with the audience and Sveinar Urstad on stage sharing how they have been implementering and testing SAC in Equinor.

Mathias Müller-Nilssen and Espen Leknes,

Mathias Müller-Nilssen and Espen Leknes, itelligence sharing information on how to do Planning i SAC.

Øystein Fuglestad, Nortura og Espen Leknes, Itelligence share experience from implementing SAC.

Bjørn Olav Kåsin from SAP Norway presented the SAP SAC Roadmap.

Didrik Arstad - Head of Innoteam Finance, SBN summarized and invited to a start of a Special Interest Group within SAP Analytic Cloud. 
Sveinar Urstad, Equinor volunteered for a leader role.



Link to agenda and presentations from the SBN SAP Anlytic Cloud Day


//My Comment:

It was a great day with a lot of interesting information on how to get one step further on the road to SAP Analytic Cloud.  The SBN members are very open and friendly. Im impressed how information is shared across company and across expert borders. All questions got replies and discussions became detailed even if probably some of the knowledge shared was business critical.

In SBN we do support each other in a very nice way.

itelligenceThank you itelligence who lend us these very nice facilities and spend alla servings

Use the agenda-link above and listen to the presentations. Unfortunatly you will not be able to listen to the discussions. Much information is shared in breaks and after presentations.

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