Pictures from Walldorf

Posted by Joakim Löves on 28/03/2019 10:09

25-27 Mars 2019 SBN members and SBN office went to SAP Walldorf together with other User Groups to network to get latest updates from SAP Experts. More info from this visit will come in the upcoming weeks. The first prictures are taken by Joakim Löves SBN-Adfahrer, then you find pictures taken by Roland zum Busch, NorgesGruppen Data AS and Eva-Maria Fahrer SBN-Adfahrer.


Pictures below taken by Roland zum Busch,  NorgesGruppen Data AS


Below pictures taken by Eva-Maria Fahrer, SBN-Adfahrer








Above pictures are taken at the event below. Click the event-link for presentations and more information about the event.

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