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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 29/04/2019 16:50

This is the second article in my series of articles. It is my personal observations, summaries and insights of SAP's strategies based on a shift I see in the message from SAP.  The articles are based on top Management in SAP sharing their insights in our bi-annual Executive Exchange. Next Generation Support SAP Calm is the focus of this article and builds on the fact SAP themselves use the new technology to support their customers.

Our Exceutive Exchange Michael Kleinemeier (responsible for SAP Digital Business, leader of the SAP Digital Business Services organization and a member of the SAP Executive Board of SAP SE since 2015) opened with a nice individual handshake with every person in the room. He came together with his colleagues Andreas Heckmannand Tom Janoshami. Tom Janoshami talked about Integrated Delivery Framework and Andreas Heckmannabout Next Generation Support SAP Calm.
See picture, Michael Kleinemeier making opening presentation.

A hidden treasure is the Expert Chat SAP offers. It’s a smart function where you get support quick. I’m surprised not more customers and especially within our members have found  this function. One reason can be the “double” chat function where the chat on the public pages is a marketing-tool, even if the impression is you will get support. I will explain this possible confusion to the relevant people at SAP.
See this SAP video to get more information about the Support Chat.

The Chat program is built right into the incident form in the support page. Users submit an incident, and fill in the relevant information about the problem or question. Then, if a support engineer is available for the selected component, a green “Start Chat” button next to the “Submit” button in the incident screen will appear, and the user can directly discuss his incident with a real, live, trained SAP support expert. Not an answering machines or automated responders. If the support engineer is not able to resolve your incident immediately, he or she will continue with the incident submission process. Whether the issue is resolved immediately or not, the chat transcript will be recorded in the incident log for future reference. See picture with Andreas Heckmann

Andreas Heckmann, Senior Vice President, Head of Support Delivery, SAP Digital Business Services talked about the new Predictive Support. With SAPs support tools you will get proactive and preventative support which helps to optimize IT operations and speed up your business process innovation. Some additional information can be found on this link but more will most likely be available after Sapphire, around 13th of May 2019. See this link for more information: 
See picture the evulution to predictive support.
There is also a new Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE) offer. I or rather SBNs Martin Brownsword will get back to this topic. We will offer webinars on the CCOE and the support funtionality later this year. See this link for more information:
Summary: The system support area has followed the development of the SAP products and SAP do use their own new AI and ML tools to support their customers.
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