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There is a demand for Privacy-enhancing technology.

By 2025, Gartner predicts 60% of the large organizations will use at least one privacy-enhancing computation technique.

SAP use case scenarios are as example:
secure benchmarking and predictive maintenance.


Secure Benchmarking
Companies often assess their competitiveness relative to industry peers and compare business-relevant KPIs, such as automation rate or return rates, with peers and even competitors. With fully homomorphic encryption, all participating parties can share encrypted KPIs without revealing individual data. As a result, they learn about relevant statistics, such as averages or medians, to assess their relative competitiveness and decide where to improve and invest.

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance is a machine learning technique to forecast demand for maintenance or spare parts based on historical data. “In certain industries, required data, such as usage patterns and failures, is considered sensitive and is not easily shared with data scientists or maintenance operators, By computing on encrypted data, however, no sensitive information is revealed while still allowing for the required insights to be gathered for prediction tasks, says Anselme Tueno, senior researcher at SAP Security Research.


Carbon Footprint Calculation with Multi-Party Computation is also interesting for this technology. SAP is therfore working on potential use cases with customers and partners. One key example is calculating carbon footprints of products.

Complex collaborations like supply chains, intricate networks that encompass various levels of suppliers, manufacturers, and processed goods are a candidate for Privacy-enhancing technology. This as there is often a lack of comprehensive visibility across the entire process – either for technical reasons or because businesses are often reluctant to share sensitive data across supply chains that often include direct competitors.

For a good cross company process product’s carbon footprint, sensitive production details and associated carbon costs for production-relevant parts and materials are required. Here, Privacy-enhancing technology can help.

As one example is SAP working with the customer Bosch on cloud-native software for secure multi-party computation.

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