Proceed Group helps SAP customers with GDPR compliance for employee data

Posted by Joakim Löves on 19/07/2023 09:13

The two-part packaged solution saves time and effort; reduces the impact of a breach and the reputational damage that results from it. 

Proceed Group, the SAP data management specialists, announced today the availability of a new packaged service specifically designed to address the GDPR compliance requirements for employee data within SAP systems.  

Employee data is a unique challenge for data management strategies, as stakeholders within Organisations often have very different views on how long data needs to be retained – this is because data governance, HR and IT stakeholders all have different requirements. To address this challenge, Proceed has developed a comprehensive solution for employee data as part of its commitment to enabling SAP data compliance for its customers. The service comprises two phases, the design phase and the deployment.   

Customers begin the design phase with a consultative and collaborative approach, bringing together all the key stakeholders to understand the GDPR compliance requirements of the Organisation. This approach uses SAP’s Data Protection functionality from the Information Lifecycle Management product (SAP ILM) and other SAP HCM Data Protection tools. Proceed also assists in creating a project plan and identifying potential pitfalls.  

Phase 2 goes beyond the design and project plan to build, deploy and run the necessary solutions for GDPR compliance. Proceed also offers knowledge transfer to its customers, enabling them to maintain and manage compliance measures effectively.  

With the service, customers benefit from:  

  • Reduced breach impact – The service removes data that is being kept beyond its stated purpose, lowering the risk of fines for non-compliance and decreasing the potential impact of a data breach.   
  • Reduced reputational damage – Removing personal employee data lowers the risk of significant reputational harm resulting from non-compliance with GDPR and data breaches.   
  • Time and effort savings – The service minimizes the need for time-consuming data retrieval in response to data subject requests by ensuring the data is not present.  
  • Cross-system efficiency gains – Removing employee data from SAP leads to streamlined data storage in linked systems, including systems used for business reporting.

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