A QR code on the package will give insights. Blockchain technology will ensure the correctness.

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 20/03/2019 17:29

More and more consumers want a complete transparency in food sourcing and safety. Thanks to blockchain technology, shoppers will be able to insights about their food and how it was sustainably produced by scanning a QR code with their mobile phones.”

Experts in the fishing industry believe technologies like blockchain should be used to track a fish from “bait to plate,” providing transparency and better data for decision making and sustainable management.

Article from SAP: We’re excited about the blockchain solution from SAP says Mr Costa, referring to Anova Food a global leader in sourcing wild-caught and farm-raised fish. “We’re working with a number of partners, including the Indonesian government, suppliers, processors, and NGOs like Fair Trade USA, to trace our tuna from its source in Indonesia to the store in the U.S.”

Mr Costa has made trips to Ampera Village on Indonesia’s Seram Island to meet the men and women behind the Fair Trade Certified fishery, whose livelihoods depend on the catch of the day. As a Fair Trade Certified fishery, fisherman are ensured fair wages and safe working conditions, contributing to the overall protection of the environment and continuous community improvement.

“It is truly an amazing experience to visit these remote Indonesian fishing villages and see how we share a passion for sustainable fishing and commitment to the environment,” says Mr Costa. “When the fishermen return with their catch, the village comes out to celebrate. The fish are taken to the local buying post, where the blockchain begins.” Read the full story from SAP on this link


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