Report from the first SBN CLT meeting in 2023.

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 22/02/2023 14:44

Planning ahead for 2023.

The team representing SBNs customer is a very nice team.  

  • Kjell Jensen, Anora Group  (SBN CLT president)
  • Nick Banks, Nets (SBN CLT vice president)
  • Dag Håkon Myrdal, Aker Solutions  (SBN CLT Cashier) 
  • Svanhild Didriksen, ConocoPhillips Norge (SBN CLT Member) 
  • Gunn Elisabeth Lending, DFØ (SBN CLT Member) 
  • Jan Morten Solhaug, Cyberforsvarets digitaliseringsavd. (SBN CLT Member) 
  • John Christian Hedvig, Norgesgruppen (SBN CLT Member)
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer, Adfahrer (SBN CLT, Chief Executing Officer) 
  • Didrik Arstad, Adfahrer (Head of InnovationTeams)

3 positions are open for election the upcoming period 2023-2024. The 3 team members all accepted a reelection. See the SBN Annual meeting agenda for details and names.


The annual report is published at the annual meeting. Find the report linkedin into the agenda on the annual meeting. The report is created by EM Fahrer and was improved and confirmed in the meeting.

The SBN CLT Cashier, Dag Håkon Myrdal, Aker Solutions presented the finance report. The accounts for SBN 2022 ended well. The union showed a positive result of 124 532 NOK. Find the report linkedinto the agenda

SBN CLT has had focus on Service and Support in SAP and even created a project for this topic. The next step was discussed the meeting. An upcomming webinar Friday the same week was planned to be attended. After this information had been absorbed, it was discussed formulate a letter to SAP Norway to request a presentation of the Norwegian Customer Satisfaction survey which SAP does.

The very good SBN member program published on web was one of the last points on the agenda and very quick walked through. There are so many important things to be discussed. Time flies in meetings if you do not meet so frequently.  The members of the SBN CLT are in central roles in their companies and it is therfore difficult to get enaugh time to discuss all I and Didrik would like to discuss in the meetings

There was a LinkedIn advertisement campaign run before Christmas and the Status was Impressions : 56,583 and 263 had moved on the the Website. This was regarded as good statistics but no new memberships had been sold as a result of the campaign.

One topic which will come over time is a new design of the SBN web page and all the pages belong to it. A small task force was formed to support as reference when the web bureau proposes ideas. The current proposal has nice new text fonts but not all the functionality required

Location for the meeting was this time at the office location of John Christian Hedvig,  NorgesGruppen. After the meeting we moved on to a social gathering.

In picture you see us holding the Christmas Gift from SAP Usergroup Global Executive Network SUGEN. The year of 2022 was special year for SAP, they celibrated 50 years. A small VW buss with the text "SAP 50 years" was sent as a gift to the UserGroups.  I presume VW was one of the first SAP customers 50 years ago 😊



Eva-Maria FahrerWe had a very good, productive meeting and nice evening. I look forward to next opportunity to meet in person which will be in August-September.


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