SAP Business Continuity Customer Letter 

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 17/03/2020 15:38

Dear SUGEN and
SBN User Group Members,

SAP understands that customers are looking for reassurance that SAP will continue to support their business operations during these difficult times.

On link please find a SAP Business Continuity Customer Letter sent to the User Groups for distribution. On this link please find a Business Continuity Customer Letter that we in SBN hereby share with our members. The situation is changing regularly and SAP updates the letter as needed to enable everyone you to receive the most up-to-date information available. Therefore the link is published here and we do not push a copy of the content in statement.

In case of questions you can always reach out to to your SAP Contact person or me.


Eva-Maria FahrerPublished to SBN members through by Eva-Maria Fahrer
Sent by the SUGEN global customer support  SAP GUGO department.

For questions, plese contact me on mail em(at) or phone 922 52 539






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