SAP Business Network replaces disconnected one-to-one integrations.

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 02/12/2020 13:40

SAP is Creating a Network of Networks,

article by Christian Klein, CEO & Member of the Executive Board at SAP

Read the article by Christian Klein on LinkedIn on this link and on SAPs pages, on this link.


See below for an extract of the article, selection made by EM Fahrer.

SAP Business Networks will replace disconnected, one-to-one integrations with trading partners, bringing points of integration together in one place.

SAP Business Network connects SAPs existing procurement, logistics, asset, and industry-specific networks today, and will connect to more networks in the future.

When all your networks become one single network, collaboration becomes singular and synchronous – and a common data model, set of services, intelligence, and an analytics engine make it possible. You and every trading partner connect to the SAP network once, in turn connecting you to multiple partners and people.

Your systems connect once and processes and data flow freely and securely across functions and workflows.

With this level of consistency and precision, SAP Business Network smooths out the friction that slows down commerce. It applies cross-company, network-wide intelligence to predict opportunities and avoid disruptions. It delivers deeper insights to benchmark your performance, so you know where you can improve. SAP will share more information soon, so stay tuned!

Moving from enterprise to network planning results in enhanced transparency, visibility, collaboration, agility, and optimization, and allows for better steering across the whole value chain in real time. SAP will create value for our customers by giving them visibility and insights into their supply network, offering flexibility in adjusting it rapidly, and a way to collaborate along end-to-end processes that span way beyond company borders.


Eva-Maria FahrerThe text above is selected by Eva-Maria Fahrer, from article by Christian Klein. Read the full article on LinkedIn on this link and/or on SAPs pages, on this link.

On the agenda in many of our meetings you find information about the new Networking solutions. Especially in Energy and Asset Management where they have been on the agenda since before. The Supply Chain event is triggerd by the new possibilities. 

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SBN Webinar: Licensing workshop, Digital Access and Cloud

2020-12-15 09:00

Virtual workshop by SBN & SAP

Turn capital expenditures into operational expenditures with SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Learn how SAP safeguards your investments of the past, e.g. when you move from SAP Business Suite on-premise to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Understand the licensing concepts, which are consistent across all cloud models, and as put the content into practice via exercises. The main topics include: Cloud licensing fundamentals – solution capabilities, full usage equivalents – conversion policies – core vs. extended licenses.

SBN Energy Day

2021-03-09 08:30

Virtual event by SBN

A day with focus on topics primarily for the Energy industry. 

The agenda this year focus on S/4HANA and integration for logistics processes as well as innovation within Enterprise Asset Management. In addition, we receive the latest news from Equinor's work with Peppol / EHF for the purchasing area.

SBN SAP Analytics Cloud

2021-03-23 09:00

Virtual event by SBN

Sett av denne dagen til kunnskapsdeling og inspirasjon. Alle medlemmer av SBN og alle som har interesse av Analytics, Reporting og/eller SAC, enten man har SAC eller lignende systemer eller vurderer å se nærmere på dette, kan og bør delta.

SBN SAP Business Technology Platform Day

2021-03-24 09:00

Virtual event by SBN

This year the SAP Business Technology Platform event (formerly SCP) has been opened up to our partners and members and they will provide a day full of experience and knowledge sharing. After a couple of years of presentations and cases from SAP directly we now feel that our partners and members have reached a level of maturity with the product to be able to provide a meaningful and valuable sharing experience. Don't miss this event and register today!


SBN Asset Management Day

2021-05-25 08:30

Virtual event by SBN

Asset Maintenance and Facility Operations has become part of connected supply chains and includes “intelligence” and with automated processes. 

SBN Finance Day

2021-05-26 09:00

Virtual event by SBN

SBN Finance Function Day / SBN Økonomifunksjonens Dag. A program highly interesting for people interested in Finance functions supported by SAP systems and third party solutions.

SBN Customer Experience Day [CANCELLED]

2021-06-02 08:30

Virtual event by SBN

Join this day to learn from others who have solutions in place to understand and service their customers on an individual level.

SBN Supply Chain Management Day

2021-06-08 08:30

Virtual event by SBN

The focus on efficient supply chain processes is constantly increasing. In connection with the transition to S4 / HANA, many companies are considering Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and Transportation Management (TM). As we know that the interest in learning more is growing, we at SBN have chosen to set aside a whole day for this topic: June 8 - Supply Chain Management Day. Based on input from members, SBN partners and SAP, we have put together an agenda that should be exciting for you who work with streamlining Supply Chain processes.

SBN travel and expense process with Concur Day

2021-06-09 08:30

Virtual event by SBN

Focus on on travel, expense and invoice compliance.  Listen to experience from others and learn how to manage compliance and cost savings across your travel, expenses and invoices.

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