SAP Business Technology Platform focus in March

Posted by Martin Brownsword on 25/02/2021 15:45

The main area of focus within the IT area in March is the SAP Business Technology Platform or at the least part previously known as the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP).  In addition to SAP’s own events, SBN will be holding together with SAP, a technical academy starting in the first part of March and later in the month an experience and knowledge sharing event, our SAP Cloud Platform Day together with SBN’s members and partners.

SAP has primarily designed the technical academy for people who are interested in having some guided, hands on experience of working within the SCP framework.  The academy runs over four, half-day sessions and the end product for each participant is an end-to-end, safety incident management application developed using SCP tools and services. For those who wish to learn about the use of key components in SCP but not spend time in building the application, it is possible to attend just the first hour of each of the four sessions. For those who want to join this technical academy please use the following link for more information and to register free of charge:

In addition to the technical academy, we will be running a full day event on SAP Cloud Platform where the emphasis will be on experience and knowledge sharing. After a couple of years of receiving presentations and cases from SAP directly we now feel that our partners and members have reached a level of maturity with the product to be able to have a meaningful and valuable sharing of knowledge and experience. From our partners Pearl, Bouvet and S5 you will learn how they are using the Extension and Integration suites as innovation enablers to extend, enhance and combine business processes in a number of Norway’s major companies. Deloitte will be sharing a customer use case while Elkjøp will share their SCP journey of the last few years including the challenges involved with a new and constantly evolving SAP product and their roadmap into the future. Other members will share their experiences including NorgesGruppen who have just started their journey by completing a Proof of Concept (POC) project. This should be a great event for anyone who has an interest in the SAP Cloud Platform and you can use the link below for more details, and to register free of charge:

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