SAP Certified Add-On for SAP ILM Archiving

Posted by Joakim Löves on 08/08/2022 10:40


SAP ILM – SAP Information Lifecycle Management components allows SAP customers to manage the full lifecycle of data and documents in a structured, automated, and compliant way.

This includes archiving of data and documents that is not frequently used, managing the retention periods and then later the deletion of obsolete data based on rules in SAP ILM.

The xSuite Archive Prism is a high-speed document archiving SAP Certified solution.  It has a user-friendly web GUI and comprehensive features gives you full control over your data and is used by many SAP customers to store business-critical documents via SAP ArchiveLink.

Latest SAP certified add-on, xSuite Archive ILM - supports the functionality and principles of SAP ILM and WebDAV.

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