SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Centre

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 03/12/2019 20:01

Tip! Look at the new SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Centre if you like to understand the capabilities and the security requirements of the platform.

To find the best ways to onboard the SAP Cloud Platform this discovery centre holds guides. Here you find the various steps you need to perform to start using it? How should the development leverage the services provided by the platform? How should the platform be operated? This learning mission will help you answer all these questions. You will learn and apply how to set up accounts, use services like security, portal, etc.

In the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Centre you will learn how to use services and get expert coaching and technical support to learn, apply, and build a proof-of-concept landscape and security setup based SAP our best practices.


 Interested in a summary of the platform and technology direction of SAP? If yes, maybe this link can be of interest to you as well. The direct linked document is from Teched in May. It is part of the content in the Discovery Centre.


Eva-Maria FahrerI have identfied the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Centre as a new and useful tool and therefore published this article based on input during the SUGEN meeting hosted by SAP in Walldorf, I attended a few weeks ago.
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