SAP Document and Reporting Compliance Summit 2022 (Hybrid event)

Posted by Joakim Löves on 08/09/2022 09:53


SAP Document and Reporting Compliance is SAP’s solution to answer governments’ quest for digitalization, enabling enterprises to pursue statutory reporting electronically and to engage in electronic business document exchange with authorities – all in line with local regulations. With its streamlined approach to tax compliance and embedded automation, the solution helps enterprises to re-think compliance processes maximizing efficiency, reducing compliance risks and costs, and increasing sustainability of tax operations. More information about the solution is available here and the agenda of the event is available here.

The Localization Coverage of the solution is related also to Norway.

The Compliance obligations, subject to the solution are:

  • Statutory reporting
    • VAT, GST & Withholding Tax Reports
    • Audit files (SAF-T)
    • Electronic accounting reports
    • Financial Statements
    • Fixed Assets Reports
    • Payments Reports
    • Ledgers & Sales Lists
    • Cashflow Reports
    • Sustainability Reports
  • E-Invoicing scenarios
    • Customer Invoices
    • Supplier Invoices
    • Consumer Invoices
    • Credit Invoices 
    • E-Reporting scenarios
    • Delivery Notes
    • Payment Receipts 
    • Tax Certificates
    • Tax Register Books
    • Electronic Payroll 

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