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Posted by Martin Brownsword on 27/03/2020 15:22


Dear SAP Enterprise Support Customer! Do you get the most out of your SAP Enterprise Support in general and in your transition to S/4 HANA? For the 8th time, on April 1st, 2020, SAP will host a global event presenting updated and new opportunities within the SAP Enterprise Support area. Please note the event starts at 10:00 CET.

SAP appreciates that many our customers are using less of the opportunities in the Enterprise Support portfolio than they could. In these difficult times with the Corona crisis, where social distancing is so important and the challenges of providing onsite support, we see more and more need for remote services to help our customers. And this is exactly what SAP Enterprise Support provides - delivering services on a remote basis.

Please join this global event to explore how SAP Enterprise Support helps companies adopt the vision through outcome-focused services and proactive support offerings. 
The event will be divided into different sessions, which you can choose according to your interests and needs, see the specific agenda in the link below. 

Registration link

In addition, I'd like to make you aware of another SAP Enterprise Support web event we are planning together with SBN on April 29th at 09:00 hrs. I'll be providing a general presentation of SAP Enterprise Support, showing you the complete ES portfolio, how you can get increase your ROI and how you can utilize this to your benefit. So please look out for this event in SBNs event calendar and don’t forget register using the link below:

Kristin Teigen
Kristin Teigen, 
Enterprise Support Advisor, SAP Norway

Link to SBNs event below

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