SAP has acquired AppGyver - a Finnish pioneer in no-code development platforms

Posted by Joakim Löves on 18/02/2021 10:33


The Finnish pioneer in no-code development platforms with 18 employees AppGyver enables users with no coding skills to build applications for Web and mobile use. The company offers a powerful visual development environment that is extraordinarily user-friendly. It allows business users with no coding experience to build efficient applications that can be easily configured and that work seamlessly across all operating systems – without writing a single line of code. Founded in 2010, AppGyver is headquartered in Helsinki and has 18 employees. For more information, visit

This makes SAP better able to help customers and partners to adapt and optimize the usability of their SAP applications. AppGyver’s solutions will become part of SAP Business Technology Platform. They will broaden SAP’s offering in the area of business process intelligence and be a complementary addition to SAP’s low-code offering provided by partner Mendix Tech BV, part of the Siemens AG.

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