SAP Launches SAP Customer Data Platform

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 02/11/2020 15:26


SAP announced the global launch of SAP Customer Data Platform.

The customer data platform (CDP) allows organizations to redefine the customer experience across every engagement, from commerce and marketing to sales and service. This is an announcement was made at SAP Customer Experience LIVE, held online October 14–15 2020.

CDPs to help power unique, personalized experiences for a variety of marketing uses.

SAP Customer Data Platform is beyond marketing adding rich context to commerce, sales and service experiences, with relevant timely marketing.

SAP Customer Data Platform aims to deliver personalization, based on its ability to collect and manage customer data. This will enable organizations to know the customer at every touch point and to effectively drive relevant conversations and create lasting customer loyalty.

SAP Customer Data Platform is specifically engineered to tackle Connecting, Respecting, Understanding and Personalizing Data to increase brand reach and effectiveness.

SAP Customer Data Platform is built on the foundation of SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions, which are based on Gigya technology. SAP Customer Identity and Access Management and SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management solutions are woven in to help ensure a secure and compliant digital profile.

SAP Customer Data Platform serves as the connective tissue of the real-time profile, powering a customer insight foundation to deliver relevant conversation whenever the customer wants to engage with the brand. 
Read more on the press release page on this link

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