SAP PLM Workshop 1 September

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 07/06/2023 11:47

I'm glad to announce SBN will arrange a PLM workshop 1 of September. 
The idea is to do a virtual workshop and then meet Face 2 Face at the SBN conference in the fall.

For the program we have confirmed Lars Fossum SAP to talk about a new functionality 15-30 minutes. Maybe in the area of collaboration tools but this is still to be decided.

Team Leader is Laila Horgen, Senior Advisor Innovation at Orkla IT togheter with me. 

Topics to discuss are various improvement possibilities. The virtual workshop is planned as a re-start of the SBN PLM team. Focus will be on data quality, ownership and location. 

In this virtual format we will open up a discussion on the value chain in sourcing, innovation, production, sales and reporting. Discuss relation PLM-MDG, ownership of data, reporting sustainability and much more. 

The discussion will continue as round table discussions at the SBN Conference 17-18 Oktober. For each Round-Table-discussion-room we need 2 up to 4 customers sharing their experience and process. SAP customers sharing  will be invited for free to the conference.

Laila and I aim to use this webinar to define interesting topics to discuss in the Round-Table-discussion-rooms at the SBN Conference.

The Webinar Workshop is published or will be published shortly

Listen to Laila Horgen,  she presented the 26 of April at the SBN Data Quality Day @Orkla. Link to the program where you find the recording


Register for the PLM Workshop on this link
We send you a calendar blocker before the summer.


All the best EM


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