Partnership to help young people gain skills for employment

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 27/09/2022 19:24

SAP, UNICEF and GenU extend and expand partnership to help young people gain skills for employment



From Christin Klein LinkedIN post:







It’s essential that young people have access to the #skills#education, and opportunities that will enable them to reach their full potential and shape the future of our world.

I couldn’t be more excited that we are continuing our long-standing partnership with UNICEF in support of Generation Unlimited to empower the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and #ChangeMakers worldwide to thrive and create positive change for the societies in which they live and work!

Over the past three years, we have helped over three million young people in India, Turkey, and Vietnam with transformative education models and SAP is very much looking forward to continuing the collaboration.

SAPs Learning Journeys for students are 100% free! 

Start learning and check out some of the career opportunities!



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