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An Entirely Different SAPPHIRE NOW

Welcome to SAP’s new digital program for SAPPHIRE NOW, bringing meaningful insights, guidance, vision, and direction to our SAP community. With face to face no longer an option, SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined gives you direct access to our extended community through  a network of digital broadcasts and curated content, serving as your “playbook” for information important to your business interests. Highlights of the program include:
SAPPHIRE NOW Unplugged – A weekly, free-access video series showcasing conversations with leaders, thinkers, influencers, and experts who share insights on how we can navigate and manage our lives through the COVID-19 pandemic. Each video is 15–20 minutes in length. 
SAPPHIRE NOW Vision – On June 15, join us for a conversation with our CEO Christian Klein as he shares his vision for a reimagined SAP, including innovations currently in development and inspiring customer success stories. SAPPHIRE NOW Vision is a great way to chart your new path forward.
SAPPHIRE NOW Converge – June 16 kicks off SAPPHIRE NOW Converge, your online destination for live and on-demand content from SAP.  Join SAPPHIRE NOW Converge for a new way to get the latest insights and information from SAP through scheduled and available content throughout the year. Connect with SAP executives, product experts, industry and line-of-business experts, partners, thought leaders, and customers. You’ll be able to view hours of programming, broadcast across multiple channels. Get your questions answered through this exciting new digital platform experience.

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Get free access to valuable live and curated on-demand content from SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined.  Our SAPPHIRE NOW Vision and SAPPHIRE NOW Converge programming premieres June 15 and June 16, and we don’t want you to miss a moment!  Get free and open access to SAP’s vision and strategy discussions.  Find a broadcast channel of your choosing, then zero in on the content that’s right for your role or industry.  Once you sign up, you can add a reminder to your calendar to ensure you have a seat front and center for June 15.  And your access remains available for return visits as new content rolls out on your favorite channels.

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