The SBN conference 2023 will focus on drivers and catalysts for change

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 25/05/2023 12:32

SBN has now identified some of the most relevant catalysts for change, relevant for the 2023 SBN Conference 17-18 October. We have workshopped and discussed for several months to identify relevant catalysts for change. The Core Leadership (Kjell, Nick, Dag, Svanhild, Gunn, JC, Jan Morten) and the more operative part of SBN, Didrik, Sigurd, me and Joakim have evaluated and discussed headings and description texts.
We hope to have selected the most important insights for our members' success in 2023. The “why” the “what” as well as “how” to change will be covered with reference to the drivers and catalysts for change. In addition not only the knowledge program, but also the F2F Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange, as well as all Happenings and Networking have been given an even more important role in this year's Conference.


NextGen ERP & Future-proof ERP 

An IT platform which supports running best practice processes with a adaptive UI, agile and open for innovation, still secure and integrated with real-time insights. 


Clean Core

Experience sharing, best practice and tools on moving customisation out, to the cloud. Including roadmap and examples on usage of SAP BTP.


Intelligent/AI-enabling technologies

Inspiration and insight into roadmaps and use cases for leveraging AI capabilities such as ChatGPT, Watson etc. Customers sharing knowledge on their installed solutions like Chatbots etc.


Managed Services & Hybrid environments

The benefits and future of hybrid environments based on industry-leading practices for system operation, maintenance, and continuous improvement.

Customer- and Partner presentations with knowledge exchange on best practices for operating and maintaining S/4HANA (with/without RISE) and S/4HANA Public Cloud (SAP GROW), including Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for management of on-prem and cloud-based solutions.


Business Innovation &
Future-proof business processes

Insights into upcoming innovations. Knowledge sharing between customers and by experts. AI to complement automation of processes, robots, Machine Learning.

In Analytics, the new DataSphere solution will be in focus. Data driven processes, for Logistics, like in the SupplyChain, for HR, Sales, Finances etc etc  Predictive solutions like as example Predictive Forecast, interesting in Retail


Strategies for Sustainability 

Resilient supply chain, optimised production and reporting of taxes, like plastic tax, CO tax... The goal is Zero emissions, Zero waste, and Zero inequality


This year also F2F Collaboration and
Knowledge Exchange

Round Table Discussions - Meet and discuss with experts/customers in a closed room on a specific topic. Topics like “How to get started or improve in the area of Sustainability". "How to improve financial processes, like Record2Report" "How to enable a future proof payroll" "How to improve in the area of Product lifecycle process". Do you have better ideas? Provide your topic ideas... people who present participate for free.


This year even better Happenings and networking

Great Food, Entertainment ... A small thing, we have this year contracted a professional moderator facilitating the program on the main stage. Another small thing is that the conference facilities are re-decorated ... The theme and dinner entertainment is is currently discussed but will be fun... 



A few pictures from discussions in our meetings: 

Posted by EM Fahrer. 

PS: Conference will open for registration before summer, but we do not have a date. e-mail will be sent out, as soon as we know. If you register a calendar blocker will be sent to make it easier for you to schedule your fall. The best price is also always just after opening for registrations.

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