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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 04/05/2022 13:03


Eva-Maria FahrerI get lot's of questions about the conference 2022. We are planning but so many things have changed during the last 2 years which we have to consider so we are not ready. Below I will try to give you a little more information to make your planning a bit easier. 


1) First of all, the dates are set to 19-20 of October 2022.
The event is on web even if it’s not open for registration.

I can share the following if you would like to plan your attendance and travel already now.

2) Location is central Oslo City, next to National Theatre Subway and Train station.

3) The event will start 9:00 the 19th October and end no later than 16:00 the 20 October. Attendants are welcome for networking from 8:30

If you are an exhibitor it will be possible to build your stand from 7:00 the 19th October. After 16:00 but no later than 17:00 the stand is to be taken out of the conference area.

4) Registrations will open end of May or beginning of June. There will first time ever be limited number of Face2Face tickets but I think there will be enough tickes available. We are currently in addition working with development of the registration-page and the web presence in general which means there are also technical limitations for an earlier start.

5) New - It’s possible to register for the keynote track virtual. The keynote track is different as this track will have selected presentations related to all areas of interest presented on stage in the largest conference room during the full conference. This stage will be streamed and recorded.

6) Exhibitors will get their chance to get the premium stand-locations and reserve their stands end of May or beginning of June. We know this is late but we are still discussing with the facilities regarding the number of exhibitors in the conference space. Have you heard of fire regulations and exits? We want to be sure all booths are setup in safe locations before anything is confirmed externally to our sponsors. Joakim Löves will send the marketing contacts an e-mail as soon as he has the date for the launch.

7) Prices for registration and booths will raise with the normal Norwegian price index. The index is 3-3,5% per year and the basis is prices from 2019, which leads to a price increase of around 10%. We are again still negotiating with the facilities as some of the prices 2022 are 2-3 times higher than 2019. Due to new conference facility and the price general increase in prices in the society. 

8) I will get back regarding the Dinner Night party. We have plans for a PARTY written in big characters this year. We have to celebrate we are seeing each other again in the Real World.

These 8 points is what I can share today.
I hope this answers at least a few questions. By this, I just share the link to 2019's and 2018's pictures. Link to Conference history here

The team and I look forward to see you again and make new even more awesome pictures in 2022


Eva-Maria Fahrer  Eva-Maria Fahrer, contact info here


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