SBN Explosion in Interactivity 

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 10/02/2021 14:09

Interactivity is extremely important for an organisation like SBN.

SBN will become irrelevant very quick, if we do not know what our members need and want from their SBN member-organisation. We see an Explosion in Interactivity. This is positive, very positive and awesome. Bernt, Didrik, Martin, Joakim and I note what is said and convert this to the activities which are requested by our members. Last year we saw a growth in attendance of more than 60% which is the result of this collaboration and increased meeting activity. In addition, it’s actually awesome to collaborate cross geographical locations and company walls. We laugh a lot and generate amazing result ...

Headset and Camera which in addition make you look strange 🤗 have become the most important tools after the computer's screen and the meeting software.

See below, a few snap-shots from our virtual reality.

Screenshot from HR Core Leadership Team meeting february 2021. Planning for the HCM program in 2021.


Screenshot from planning meeting with OpenText january 2021. Planning for events and webinars in 2021.


Screenshot from planning meeting with Amazon January 2021. Planning for webinars the comming year.


Screen shot from planning meeting with Mark Information january 2021. Planning for the webinar Friday 12 February and the upcomming year.


SBN Core Leadership Team meeting. Strategic discussion 27th of January 2021.


One additional comment is a reflection on the savings generated by the virtual reality. Virtual instead of F2F saves environment and expenses for everyone ... at the same time as we save, we create huge value for our members. Later our members will attend virtually, which means no travel for them either, which generates additional savings for the environment and saved expenses for our member companies.


But, if we are to continue virtual, someone has to invent virtual hugs. The hugs are missing, a huge loss 

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