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S5 Consulting is happy to announce their digital live session on the Neptune Impact Festival on November 19th at 3:30pm CET. See what COOP achieved together with S5 Consulting. Have your questions answered, and share your thoughts - Will you be tuning in?

COOP Norway - How we automated and streamlined the ordering process in store to improve stock accuracy, store efficiency and profit.

Stein and Nicolay will review how COOP automated and streamlined the in-store ordering process in 1250 retail stores, during a live session on Neptune IMPACT Festival

Background: COOP invited S5 Consulting  to explore how they could automize their order and forecasting. The solution should be built and continuously developed as a functional prototype, automated and interact with the core system and business logic of COOP. This task was rather complex, and S5 Consulting needed to make the golden oldies of legacy systems play nice with the inexperienced teens of service innovation and rapid development.

S5 Consulting enabled COOP to develop one centralized platform to manage all order activity and the main results will be highlighted in the presentation.

This design driven Fiori development project finished in 19 months and S5 Consulting with their specialized knowledge of the retail industry and logistics were a major contributor to the success achieved.  

Learn more about how S5 enable COOP to profit fully from their investments in SAP technologies and Neptune Software on the 19th of November.

Stein is currently working as a Senior Project Manager at COOP Norway having more than 20 years of experience in retail and supply chain management. He also knows the IT field across all areas, including Application Development, IT Operations, and Project Management.

Nicolay is a certified SAP ABAP Developer with a leading role within User Experience in S5 Consulting. He has extensive project experience on SAP access control and key expertise on secure, user-friendly, and efficient SAP- and Neptune solutions. Nicolay is known to always deliver on time and according to expectations and is passionately engaged in innovation and value creation in S5 Consulting.

Stein JohnsenStein Johnsen 
Senior Project Manager Logistics
COOP Norway

Nicolay Aarstad WildhagenNicolay Aarstad Wildhagen
Head of SAP User Experience
S5 Consulting


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