Selected video recordings of presentations made at Sapphire

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 09/05/2019 14:00

Selected key message presentations.
At SAPPHIRE, ASUG and CX live there are several hundreds presentations, many are recorded. This link leads you to all recorded presentations of SAPPHIRE , ASUG and this to all presentations of CX live. For your convenience I have used my long experience to select a few which will give you the key message from SAP 2019. I'm happy to discuss my selection, my contact data is found in the bottom of this article.

First of all I recommend the 2 top Keynotes with SAPs CEO Bill McDermott and SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner with Guests. I recommend to listen to the "Guest" SAPs COO Christian Klein. Please find these Keynote recordings on this link. These Keynotes covers the SAP strategy and future vision for the products which most of our members have on a high level.

I can recommend this very interesting White Paper from Juergen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer SAP, on SAP’s vision of the business technology platform for data-driven innovation. This White Paper explains the strategy out of a technical perspective.  I will look for a presentation by Juergen Mueller as well and publish it here.

Gunther Rothermel is Head of SAP Cloud Platform. Gunther is a good speaker and he made a presentation at Sapphire which I recommend. In the White Paper from Juergen Mueller above, Juergen writes about the SAP Cloud platform and describes it as the fundament needed to move forward to next gererations process support. Please find the replay or Gunters presentation below and a link to his Pod here



SAP Strengthens CX Suite to Help Customers Close the Experience Gap.
Please see Keynote from SAP CX Live a conference in parallell with SAPPHIRE in Orlando



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This was the 30th SAPPHIRE NOW and a joint event with the ASUG Annual Conference. They had together more than 22,000 participants from over 100 countries and more than 200,000 joined the event virtually. These are the SAP innovations that regard as most important:

1. Indirect Digital Access Pricing Model. 
2. SAP for Me
3. SAP Analytics Cloud
4. Robotic Process Automation
5. SAP C/4HANA Foundation
6. SAP S/4HANA Movement and SAP Adoption Starter
7. SAP Partners with Ecosystem to Guide Customers to the Cloud
8. Launch „SAP HANA Cloud Services“
9. Launch „SAP Data Warehouse Cloud”
10. Three New Qualtrics Solutions
11. Ten New Qualtrics Offerings


Selected by Eva-Maria Fahrer, 
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