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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 15/09/2021 15:40

There is so much information available. There are so many choices.

The most important topics were selected and Quality Assurance performed during 3 hectic days last week. 

Pictures from our first Face 2 Face collaboration and planning meetings in 1,5 year

We are in parallel on a tour, visiting our SBN Conference program collaboration friends to discuss and pick up their best ideas for presentations.

For November 15 the F2F location is now selected. It is @Deloitte. The Munch museum is fantastic but was as meeting place totally out of budget reach. The 15th it will be possible to win tickets for the Munch museeum. Our winners can later visist the museum at a for them, suitable time


We collborate to make the program best possible. To make the SBN Keynote track and the November 15 fantastic, Deloitte and Sariba (in picture our Deloitte contact) are the largest contributer in combination with SAP and all other parties.

It's extensive work behind the program from all involved. In SBN-Adfahrer we spend much time to read, to listen to relevant information in our and external events, to talk to people. All these things are pieces in the pussle we do to select the most important stuff for you. 

Quality Assurance of the SBN Conference program is focus of the SBN CLT*.
We did meet F2F the first time in almost 2 years. New offical pictures of the new CLT is an other result of this meeting which you will see soon. It is noticable that a bit more sensiteve infomation is transferred when you meet in a relaxed F2F. I'm glad we had this opportunity to talk a bit more relaxed, it will raise the quality of this years SBN Conference program one additional level. *Read more about the SBN CLT here.  

Follow the program beeing built up on the Conference webpage here. If you are registred for the Conference and is a customer you can register for the free Face2Face November 15 here. If you like to talk to selected people, you can also register for a virtual Networking here. 

We look forward to meet you! Maybe you like to join the SBN CLT or an Innovation Team? Please tell us ... we look forward to your contact.

Eva-Maria Fahrer

 By EM Fahrer, Contact information here


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