Senior Vice President, Global Customer Value Services visited Norway

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The SBN Core Leadership Team shared their SAP Customer experiences with Yasmin Awad, Senior Vice President, Global Customer Value Services SAP SE

The Agenda covered all kinds of topics including interesting discussions on the topics which are and have been focus topics for the Global Customer Value Services and the SAP User Global Executive Network (SUGEN) like the new license model, tools for transformation to S/4HANA and how SAP is supporting their User Groups to grow.

The meeting was held in the premises of Hydro, which is the company of the new SBN President replacing Hans Butenschøn. Hans has  during summer has changed his employeer and handed over to Kolbjørn Havnes. Kolbjørn will fill the President role until the election in May when he official, will candidate for the role and most likely be official elected. Kolbjørn Havnes and Vice President Bente Boger will represent SBN in the next SUGEN meeting in November togeter with me. 

In picture, in the order of the picture:

  • Bente Boger, Senior Consultant Norwegian Cyber Defens, SBN Vice President SBN (Volunteer)
  • Didrik Arstad, Head of SBN Finance and Analytics Teams
  • Thor Øyvind Nilsen, Department Manager Finance, Equinor, SBN Cashier
  • Martin Brownsword, Head of SBN Logistics and Lead2Cash/Retail Teams
  • Yasmin Awad, Senior Vice President, Global Customer Value Services
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer, SBN CEO 
  • Kolbjørn Havnes, Department Mananger Finance, Norsk Hydro, SBN President (Volunteer)
  • Bernt Bakken, Head of SBN Logistics and HR Teams
  • Kjell Jensen, CIO Arcus 

Missing in this meeting were Eigil Bjelde Jensen, CIO Norske Skog and Joakim Löves SBN Partner Manager and the photografer Cathrine Kjær Christensen

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