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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 26/03/2020 08:51

Recordings and slides are found on this link


The picture above shows the result of the interactive voting. The full presentation can be downloaded from the member only area.


Below you find my experience from this weeks virtual experience sharing on topic SAP Analytics Cloud. Recordings and PowerPoints will be published on the event link as they are available.


Score: 6,33

On a scale from 1-7, the participants of the virtual meeting on March 18 scored the question "did you like the virtual meeting" to 6,33. 



logged in at the same time was the highest number attending. Some sitting in the same room. 49 people where registred.


a Full day program 

Maria Lomonosova, SAP Norge made the last presentation which was on on the topic SAC Road map. Maria had in the end of a long day (14:15-14:55) the amazing number of 33 people attending . No presentation had less attendants during the day. The discussion was still lively in the end of the day. See picture below.


Recordings of experience sharing by members will be published password protected for members only. Access this link in "logged in mode" and you will find information displayed only for members in the top right side. The link to  "SBN SAP Analytics Cloud – et virtuelt nettmøte i faggruppe/Innoteam SAC
March 18th, 2020 - 09:00-15:00
" is found here and below. Please below also see upcomming events for people interested in Finance and Analytics.


Eva-Maria FahrerAll made fantastic presentations and the program had a very good mix. Thank you all for a great day!

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