SuccessConnect 2021 - Oslo MeetUp

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 13/10/2021 20:21

Picture from opening when Jens Conradi wished welcome together with Aida Aaholm and the SuccessFactors Team members.

Pictures are from a SuccessFactors update and social gathering at Rebel Arena in Oslo which SAP had invited to the 13th October. Customers and partners enjoyed jointly watching the live stream from SuccessConnect and to socialise.


Change the work for good, Keynote presentation Jill Popelka, President SAP SuccessFactors was leading the discussion (in black). Talking to Mary Ann Abbajay,
Chief Revenue Officer (in grey) and Meg Bear, Chief Product Officer (in blue)


The whole-self model: Bringing humanity to work.


Several demos where run during the day and discussions where lively in the breaks and during the F2F part of the program.

Picture from Interactive Forum, sent to me by Bernt Bakken.


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