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Companies produce and store a long list of documents for personnel purposes: contracts, confirmations, promotion letters, termination confirmations to name just a few. For personnel document generation and storage, companies often use a variety of processes globally, where many documents are generated based on local office templates, printed (and often signed physically) before they are stored in physical file cabinets.

Going digital, companies generally have a need for simple document generation and archive for all employees. A solution should support Document Creation, Document eSignature, Document Storage and Document Viewing and Management. A solution should support historical documents document mass upload in order to eliminate existing archives. Overarching themes are typically compliance, efficiency and user experience.

Because many documents will need a proof of receipt, an approval digital signature capability is important to support flexible approval workflows. Digital signature solutions like DocuSign need to be supported. Exception cases also need to be supported, i.e., when a document for legal reasons must be printed and signed (and subsequently scanned and imported).

For many companies, the current personnel documents are in paper format and they will need to be digitized as part of a document management system implementation. How digitization will be handled is a major part of the document management system implementation.

In a SuccessFactors backed solution, personnel documents would be generated electronically in a document generation tool, signed digitally (whenever relevant and possible) and stored in a digital filing system–without ever being printed physically. For document generation and document filing, SuccessFactors does not have an adequate solution and SAP has a strategy based on selected partners.

This paper acts as an overview of the situation and the tasks needed to change from a manual and physical based processes to a digitised global solution. For solution evaluation and selection, and detailed scoping assumptions for a possible implementation, a selection process would need to be conducted and a detailed scoping document would need to be prepared.

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