Summer ideas in the new Work Life Balance

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 22/06/2021 13:30

The Summer vacation freedom will for me and many many others be a bit different this year. There is no desk nor work-space to leave to take the transport home. I will just stand up, close my laptop and say "Now its vacation".  After that I will reply to e-mails from my phone. If a complicated issue I will fetch my computer, but put it back after that. It is vacation time.

In times of Globalization, Digitalization and Homeoffice the “Always-On” culture part of our everyday lives. During vacation you need to foster your Health & Well-Being even if you do not make an inflexible stop and change by leaving a work-space, packing and departure time traveling. 

This time of year I'm so happy to be living and working in the Nordics. All my Nordic fellows eagerly look forward to the summer period. When it finally comes, many have vacation at the same time. In many other parts of the world this pause does not exist. Business continues as normal it's just less people as one third is on vacation and loads to do when returning. Global companies have difficulties to understand why a litte sunshine make people demand for vacation in the Nordics ... 😄

🙏  This Nordic way of living with a July vacation period habit gives people a well deserved pause in the “Always-On” culture, we live in. 

At the same time the nordics are known for its effectiveness and innovation. I'm fond of the Vacation period and the On-and-Off habit, this creates in the Nordic countries.


OK, but ... How to kick off vacation mood?

Do you find it hard to relax? Maybe it's a good idea to start with mindfulness. Mindfullness tetches how to switch off your inner autopilot to make you aware of and choose your reaction. This is a way to switch of negative triggers which automatically make you angry, stressed or sad.  Search mindfullness or use these recorded sessions which SAP offer.  The SAP sessions  are good. You find the link here 

Or, do you need to be mentaly stimulated to change into the vacation mood? If so, maybe it is a good idea with Brain jogging and Mental activation exercises? Search then as example YouTube for on mnemo techniques and make a few exercises


What to do?

We are not supposed to travel abroad and even travel local only if neccesary.

Use this opportunity window to contact relatives or people from the past which you have  not seen for a long time.  I will spend more days with people and family than we normally do and I do look forward to it.


Enjoy the fantastic nature we have. Homeoffice location enables time for morning and evening walks. I have come closer to the seasons changes than last year. Vacation gives me time to swim and bicykle.


Write diary. Write down what you did in the day. This makes your vacation period much longer. Days past so fast and they are forgotten if you do not note down the small but often fantastic things which happen every day.


Rainy day or cold weather? In the summer you mostly just have to be positive and dress diffrently. It's fantastic to swim in rain ... but maybe not every day.  Did you know you can download 4 movies per 30 day period for free from the libarary? Also books ... 

Please find links to: Norway video = Filmoteket, Norway Books=Libby and Allbok

Sweden video = Viddla, Sweden Books= Biblio



Compete with me? I have in average 11,3 km steps per day the last 30 days. This is also equal to 14.546 steps. 

Send me a picture of your average distance or steps during any 30 day period during the summer.  I will send you some kind of a recognition if you have more kilometers or steps than me. 


In SBN I and my collegues will work with the program for the autumn which also includes the SBN Conference. The newsletter you got Friday the 25 July is the last before summer. We after that look forward to the regular contact we have from mid August.


If you want to get in contact during summer, just send us an e-mail or call ... find contact information on this link 


I and my collegues wish you a fantastic summer!!!


Picture from 2018 🤪 as I dont have a picture from 2021

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