Sustainable SBN Meetings

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 20/03/2019 20:20

SBN-Adfahrer has invested in new technology to improve the experience for our distance participants in order to contribute to reduced travel. For the first time, the room video was part of the transmitted presentation and recording. Sound quality was excellent.

One representative from each company shared their S/4HANA jurney status very openly independing on whether they were in the room or not. Still, this session was not recorded to make it possible for our distance and local participants to speak freely.

The energy created by a room filled with people can not be re-created on distance but we do our best to create this shared experience. One example is pictures from the meeting wich are published during the day. See this link


See picture from morning session with Joseph Rouhana, SAP.

Our technician is "hidden" in the background.

From this position are all pictures and sounds are steered. Everyting shown and heard is mirrored through the two computers which are hidden on Joakim Löves desk together with other equipment.



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