Decommission multiple SAP systems and retain full access to data

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 06/06/2022 20:02

Proceed Cella enables businesses to decommission multiple SAP and non-SAP legacy systems while retaining full access to their data.

Proceed Group, has a partnership with the digital service provider T-Systems. T-systems  offer their customers a decommissioning solution. They offer Proceed Cella which is a revolutionary new decommissioning tool that retains full access to the customers data and reduces the customers legacy application footprint.

As a SaaS provider, T-Systems uses a decommissioning tool that is easy to operate and simple for their customers to use. Proceed Cella meant customers would be able to quickly access information, reducing the cost of maintaining legacy applications, as well as having fast access to data for auditing and reporting purposes – a key benefit. T-Systems offers Proceed Cella as a SaaS solution, as part of their Managed Application Retirement Services (M.A.R.S.).

Stephan Wiethüchter at T-Systems comments, “T-Systems offers Proceed Cella to support the growth of our Managed Application Retirement Services (M.A.R.S.) business, implementing it as a SaaS solution to enable us to offer an improved end-to-end service for historising all data from our customers’ complex system landscapes.  

We have ourselves used Proceed Cella to manage the business data for one of our largest SAP clients and will be using it for a further set of enterprise clients. Our clients have been delighted with the functionality and performance of Proceed Cella, and we are equally pleased with the support and partnership from Proceed.”

As described Proceed Cella enables businesses to decommission multiple SAP and non-SAP legacy systems while retaining full access to their data. End-users are provided with a comprehensive set of pre-defined reports, ensuring that business, audit and legal requirements are met. Proceed Cella is the first solution of its kind to give business users access to data through a user-friendly interface while also being completely complementary to SAP ILM.


About T-Systems
With locations in over 20 countries, 37,900 employees, and an external turnover of 6.8 billion euros (2019), T-Systems is one of the world-leading cross-manufacturer digital service providers with a European headquarters.

About Proceed
Proceed are widely recognised as experts in SAP archiving, decommissioning, content management of enterprise systems.

Proceed are SAP Gold Partners, and work with over 700 blue-chip organisations around the globe including Telia, GSK, Good Year, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Boeing, Croda International and Mercedes. Read more 


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