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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 13/03/2024 10:45

Tip! Listen to Amy Webb, CEO of the Future Today Institute and professor at NYU Stern School of Business provides a data-driven analysis for the emerging tech trends. She shows scenarios that will change the perspective on the futures.

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Main points:

The AI industry does not develop the responsibly needed.  "The problem will not get smaller, it will only grow," Amy Webb says. Google's Gemini is a telling example. As example to search for Vikings resulted in images of black people with Viking helmets and armour and as example the Pope was also portrayed as black. The industry is trying to fix the models afterwards. Solving the ethics problem is challenging and huge  because the language models have already been built," Amy Webb explains.

Major AI players have released a language model that is open for others to use and research. That opens up problems. When Meta released its open source model Llama 2, it didn't take long before some creative developers got ideas. They screwed up the model and launched "Llama Uncensored" and then it became possible to can generate deep fake porn, order step-by-step instructions on how to make a new biological weapon," as examples explained Amy Webb.

She sees a danger in the trend of irresponsible actors on the AI scene. "We are moving at breakneck speed in the AI field, but we still don't know how to hold bad actors accountable. This problem is only going to grow,” predicts Amy Webb.


The next thing, after large language models, can be large action models (large action models) that predict what should be done next. Tech companies want to learn more about our behaviors in real time in order to build AI models that target actions. "We're going to see an explosion of gadgets with sensors, like watches and wristbands, being rolled out," says Amy Webb.

Apple's new Vision Pro has 14 cameras, light meters and distance meters to be able to create a 3D map around the user. It measures small movements of the face and eyes. For example, dilated pupils can indicate that the user is getting scared or excited.

"Face computers are designed to understand your intentions – what you're about to do – maybe before you realize it yourself," says Amy Webb.

The tech companies will make large effort is to get the masses to use their gadgets and headsets. Collect data and based on the data build large action models, will be the future target for many companies, says Amy Webb.


Eva-Maria FahrerThe tip is selected from and based on a tip from SVD Techbrief who refer to a Katarina Anderssoncovering the techfestival SXSW.

In SBN we see the need for an event and Innovation Team with focus on AI. Please advice if you are interested to lead and/or join.


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