The average attendance at the SBN Conference was 8 hours

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 05/11/2020 08:05

A few people attended more than 30 hours, many attended more than 20 hours and the average time of attendance was 8 hours. Some people attended only HR while others attended every thing except the HR track.


The total number of attendees will be 420 when all who actually attended have been registered. 356 is the number of people who actually logged into the virtual meeting room where the SBN Conference was held. The room had  during the 6 days 1600 unique dial ins which were identified to be the 356 named people who actually attended.

sbn conference


85 represents the percentage of actual attendees from the 420 who registered for the event. This figure is high for virtual events and is a figure that we are extremely proud of.


People listened in total 175 236 minutes.

6 people attended 30 hours or more.

17 people attended 20 hours or more.  Just to clarify, the 6 and 17 are the number of external people. (In the total number of hours and number of participants, we ourselves are included just as we are part of the list of participants at the event.)

The total number of minutes people attended the SBN Conference is 175,236. If this is divided by the 356, we get the astonishing number of 493 minutes per person.

493 minutes is just over 8 hours of attendance.

People listened in average 8 hours.


🧡  The conference also received good evaluations. On a scale of 1-7, an average of about 6. A virtual conference is valued a little differently because, for example, too cold or hot rooms are not included in the valuation and therefore this number is slightly higher and better than previous years' evaluations. Please see also article on this link written halfways into the conference with a reflection about evaluations among other things.

Picture from the networking

Participants took part in our end of day competition. When names were announced, the people winning replied to my call of their name. This shows our attendants listened to us and what we said in the virtual room also at the end of the day.

Quite a few participated in our various Quizzes see link here with winners. We are in general very happy the SBN Conference went so well, especially since the conference required so much work and my clear goal is, that everything we do should create benefit for our members.

Picture from the closing day

Thank you for joining the SBN Conference 2020!

We are extreemly happy you joined us and look forward to meet you again!

Eva-Maria Fahrer and the team, Bernt Bakken, Didrik Arststad, Joakim Löves and Martin Brownsword with the great support and cooperation of the SBN Core Leadership Team, our platinum sponsors SAP and Deloitte and other sponsors.


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