The average attendance at the SBN Conference was almost 8 hours

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 17/11/2021 07:53

The SBN Conference was a great success!

We were nervous. The new normal is not yet defined but we believe to have chosen the best deployment option for a successful member knowledge sharing this year. 

The official SBN Conference picture above represents the 75 companies who attended. 


Most of those who participated for a long time represented customers of SAP. Many attended more than 20 hours and the average time of attendance was just below 8 hours, see details further down in this article. As ususal some people attended only HR, Finance or Retail  while others attended every thing except the HR, Finance or Retail track. 


The total number of attendees was 318. See the registrations on this link

272 is the number of people who actually logged into the virtual meeting room where the SBN Conference was held. The room had  during the 6 days 1000 unique dial ins which were identified to be the 272 named people. Compared to 2020 we had 24% less attendees. The same percentage is valid for people registrating and actually dialing in. The reduction has been discussed an put on the account for Web fatiguĂ© and occupied. Both are factors that affect the future. There are so many IT projects starting and ongoing and this indicates our members will be even more occupied the coming years.


SBN Conference 86 percent did actually log in

86 percent of people registrated (unique attendees) did actually "turn up" and dial in. This is high percentage especially for virtual events.  A figure that we are extremely proud of. In 2021 this value was almost the same, 85 percent. See link to 2020 numbers



People attended in total 123 608 minutes.
- 4 people attended 30 hours or more.
- 17 people attended 20 hours or more. 
- 31 people attended 17 hours or more.  

- 83 people attended 8 hours or more

The attendees who participate for a long time are almost all customers.

SBN Conference

This year we got the astonishing average numer of 454 minutes per person. This number is lower than 2020 but still very high. See statistics 2020 on this link.  454 minutes is 7,56 hours of attendance = More than a one day conference

Above you see participation per day. The keynote day had above 200 at the same time. The lowest participation number for a specific presentation was 22 people at the same time in the virtual room. 

Think back and compare this to our SBN Face2Face Conferences or any Face2Face events with parallell tracks. It's seldom more than 200 in the room at the same time and it happens a presentation has less than 10 attendees if it's not one of the Global events, like Sapphire.  


🧡 Thank you all! The conference received good evaluations. On a scale of 1-7, an average of about 5,95. 

A few survey comments: 

- It was my first participation in the SAP conference and I think it was very informative and inspiring.

- Great presentations, organization and flow in the conference. The presentations were easy to follow and very “spot-on".

- Good mix of presenters and very interesting to learn about and see demos how different companies have taken the systems and tools into use and to learn about their experiences. 

- Very targeted and important information delivered in this event.  Excellent content.  Well worth my time.



Our End of Day competition. When names were announced, the people winning replied to my call of their name. This shows our virtual attendants listened also at the end of the day. See list of winners on this link 

SBN Conference End Of Day competition

Group Picture from the closing day

Thank you for joining the SBN Conference 2021!

We are extreemly happy you joined us and look forward to meet you again!

Eva-Maria Fahrer and the team, Bernt Bakken, Didrik Arststad, Joakim Löves and Martin Brownsword with the great support and cooperation of the SBN Core Leadership Team, our platinum sponsors Deloitte and Sariba and other sponsors.

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