The Childhood foundation is scaling up

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 06/03/2022 15:52


The Childhood foundation asked for additional contribution as they are scaling up their work in Ukraine due to the serious and urgent situation. We have therfore increased our support.

Childhood has been in Ukraine for 18 years. They are focusing on to work for children to live in safe families instead of on the street or in large institutions.

They work actively to strengthen the safety nets around young people and children - groups that live in great vulnerability also before the war broke out. With Childhoods long experience of work in Ukraine and their very strong local network, we believe they can help here and now.

The Childhood partners are grassroots organizations working locally. They have a close dialogue with their partners which all are under extreme stress right now who express great concerns in this situation. They need support to continue their work of protecting children as well as to organize humanitarian relief efforts in their area.
World Childhood Foundation has currently have five active projects in Ukraine. Read more here, Swedish text Childhood is scaling up their financial support in two ways:

  • Crisis support for partners in Ukraine to ensure that they can continue their work and create security for staff.
  • Emergency aid through our large network of grassroots organizations working locally. This aid can be buying food or blankets for children in the local area.

SBN-Adfahrer has since many years financially supported Childhoods work to protect vulnerable children. Which means also you are also helping children if your company is a member or partner of ours.
The information we reacted upon by sending extra financial support was sent by: 
Paula Guillet de Monthoux
Secretary General


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